How to Make a Sweater Dress Out of an Oversized Sweater Shirt

Sweater dresses can be made from sweaters with or without buttons.

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The sweater dress is a fashion icon that has withstood the test of time. Like so many fashion trends that have come and gone -- and come again -- what was old is new again when it comes to the sweater dress. This versatile clothing piece is a popular choice for both casual day wear and fancy nighttime attire. Transform one dress into many different looks by simply switching shoes and accessories. Before you head out to department stores in search of a sweater dress, browse your closet for an oversize sweater to transform. Making a sweater dress out of an oversized sweater is easy to do and will save you money.

Related Searches:Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll NeedSink or large bucket1/2 cup mild hair conditioner or baby shampooClean towelsSeveral small, heavy objects (books, heavy ceramic mugs, etc.)Suggest Edits1

Fill a sink or large bucket with lukewarm water. Add 1/2 cup of hair conditioner or baby shampoo. Swirl the water around to disperse the conditioner evenly in the water.


Place the sweater into the sink or bucket, immersing it completely in the water. Hold the sweater under the water for a few seconds until all of the fibers are wet enough to weigh down the sweater. Allow the sweater to soak for 1 hour.


Place a large towel on a counter near your work area. Drain the water out of the container and hold the sweater against the side wall of the sink or bucket. Press the sweater gently against the wall to remove as much water as possible. Continue pressing all sections of the sweater against the wall until no excess water remains. Refrain from wringing out the sweater as this may cause damage to delicate fibers.


Remove the sweater and place it flat on the towel. Place another towel on top of the sweater and press down on the towel to absorb moisture. Continue blotting the towel until no additional moisture is absorbed. Use more towels as necessary.


Remove the sweater from the wet towel and place it on a table or other flat surface. Shape the sweater and gently tug at the bottom to stretch it lengthwise. After it has been stretched to maintain the desired length, place weighted objects at the top and bottom of the sweater Allow to air dry completely. Check the sweater periodically while it is drying and reshape as necessary.


Try on the sweater and check to see if it falls to the desired length. Repeat the above steps one more time, if necessary, to add additional length.

Tips & Warnings

Try adding a thin or large belt to a loose sweater dress to cinch fabric at the waist or just below the bra line. Tight-fitting sweater dresses also look great without a belt. For a casual look, wear the dress with flat shoes or sandals. To dress it up, pair with high boots or a pair of heels. Add a long necklace and some chunky bracelets to complete the look.

Never try to stretch the sweater while it is dry. The fibers in the sweater are much more pliable when wet, and stretching a dry sweater can result in damage.

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